Home of the Colorado Rockies 2012′

“Take me out to a ball game; take me out to the crowd!” Everyone has heard the sweet sound of this song that alerts the fans it’s time for the seventh inning stretch.  In any ballpark this may just be a time to stretch and stand up but in Coors Field during the seventh inning stretch it’s one of the most memorable impacting experiences of the game. At Coors Field while everyone is stretching and having a good time they play a song that’s called ‘Hey Baby’ by Crazy Frog. At first I was confused as to why they would pick this song, I mean at the Red Sox stadium they play ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond and at the Yankees Stadium they play ‘YMCA’ by Village People, both classics and an easy sing along for everyone. If you listen and pay attention every baseball team has their own distinct seventh inning stretch song. The Colorado Rockies seventh inning song is one that is very unique, happy, and catchy that makes people want to get up and dance. As soon as they play ‘Hey Baby’ it’s like a whole new world. Looking back at my experience, it was so lively and genuine. Everybody around me was dancing, the sound of the music was so blissful, and the sound of everyone singing was echoing throughout the stadium.

Dugout View

The Colorado Rockies Stadium is located on 2001 Blake Street, on the corner of Blake and 20th, in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. This stadium is a 76-acre ballpark that holds approximately 50,000 fans along with 68 suites and 4,500 club level suites (Suppes, 2007). This is one of the most outstanding ballparks I’ve ever been too. Holding my ticket tightly making sure I don’t let it out of my sight, I walk towards a wide area of gates that are painted green all curved around the entrance. Walking to the stadium is like experiencing a stampede, there is so many people rushing to get in to see their favorite baseball team the Colorado Rockies. The moment I walk into the stadium I could hear the concession workers on the side selling waters, beers and peanuts, I could smell the hot dogs and hamburgers grilling, and I could just see the excitement of my family and friends.   As soon as I am in my seat, I have a view of the nice green perfectly groomed field with the baseball players playing catch back and forth and stretching warming up for the big game. This was a magical experience I could never forget.

Once the game starts the crowd becomes one. 40,000 to 50,000 thousand baseball fans cheer for their hometown team.  Even though Coors Field is one of the oldest ballparks in major league baseball it is one of the nicest. During the game there is many places people can visit including many of the different selections of food Coors field has to offer. My personal favorite is the famous Helton burger stand located in left field. There is also the Blue Moon Brewery located down behind the right field seats for anybody looking to have a couple drinks. The Mountain Ranch Club is one of the most popular spots in Coors Field located over the right field wall above the club level but is also one of the more expensive places to watch a game. It’s around 75 dollars to watch the game from the patio of the restaurant (MLBAdvancedMedia, Colorado Rockies). There are also packages at the Ranch where you can get food included. This restaurant has indoor dinning and patio seating where you are able to watch the game and look at the beautiful Rocky’s Mountains out in the backdrop.

Coors Clubhouse the most expensive spot to watch a game, but also gives you almost an on field experience of the game. Located right behind home plate Coors Clubhouse comes with many perks. For a hefty price of 350 dollars (MLB Advanced Media, Colorado Rockies), you will basically be catered to. Sitting comfortably in the heavily padded chair that looks like one in your living room, sitting only feet away from the players you can hear them talk. During the game you are able to walk into the clubhouse and grab food and drinks. Or you could simply have somebody bring it to you. They also offer an all you can eat buffet in the Coors Clubhouse bar and restaurant. This buffet only stays open until the 3rd inning so make sure you get there early

Nights in and night out Rockies fans are packing the stadium to support their team. Other stadiums across the country do not have as good of attendance and are more of a tourist destination than a place to watch your favorite baseball team (ESPN, 2011). While I was at the game I quickly caught to the chants that the other 40,000 people were chanting. For example when the Rockies most popular play Troy Tulowitzki came up to bat the fans would clap twelve times and then yell “TULO.” I have been to many Colorado Rockies game, and no matter where they are in the standings or in the score of the game; this stadium is always full until the last out.

Citi Field the New York Mets brand new ball park that opened up in 2009 is what people call a crowded hard to get around stadium. Reporter Orly Rios Jr. stated, “Citi Field is like a Monet painting, from afar it’s appealing, but up close, it’s a huge mess” (Jr., 2011). Everything about the stadium is built off, for sure any baseball players that are good at hitting home runs, definitely wont be able to hit one here. Their fan base isn’t number one as a matter of fact the Mets are ranked 18th overall in attendance (ESPN, 2011). Their tickets range from 12 dollars to around $315 dollars (MLB Advanced Media, New York Mets, 2011), to me this ticket pricing is not well worth it.

Whether your ticket to a baseball game at Coors Field costs you three or 350 dollars there is not a bad seat in the stadium. Unlike older or not well put together stadiums were you could be put behind a pole or where you just cannot see the field Coors Field has one of the best back drops in major league overlooking the snowy Rocky Mountains with the sun slowly setting. Even in the three-dollar seats, also known as the Rockpile, you are left with a jaw dropping sight of the Denver skyline. I have been to many major league baseball stadiums in my life but not many compare to Coors Field. Its never a hassle to get in and out of a game, the staff is always helpful, the food is great, and the atmosphere is unlike any stadium in major league baseball.

My two friends and I at the Rockies Game, we were lucky enough to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere sitting in the Coors Clubhouse. You wont get this good of a view anywhere else.


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